June 2, 2012

Call for Papers: WorldCALL Conference

From http://www.worldcall2013.org

The Chair and members of the WorldCALL Steering Committee extend a cordial invitation to attend the 4th WorldCALL Conference, hosted by the University of Ulster at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, 10-13 July 2013.

The theme of the next WorldCALL Conference is Sustainability and CALL

This topic is far-reaching and includes but is not limited to:
• The use of ubiquitous technologies, such as the mobile phone, mp3 players, iPads etc., to provide flexibility and access to language learning opportunities
• Development and design of applications with a view to use in the longer term
• Learner autonomy and CALL
• Motivation, guidance and accountability in language learning without the teacher present
• Discussion of CALL that reaches beyond the hype and the latest gadget to encompass longer term priorities and goals
• The use of social networking technologies by language teachers and learners to share expertise, knowledge and information both nationally and internationally
• The development of innovative teaching/learning materials that are unrestrictive and open to all
• Sustaining innovation through collaborations across institutions, both nationally and internationally
• Building and sustaining online communities of language learners/teachers
• Working collaboratively to adapt and disseminate innovations so that they can be used beyond the original
development environment, the early adopter or the lone operator
• Developing theoretical frameworks, models, principles and guidelines for the development of CALL innovations with a view to the longer term
• Developing 3-year, or 5-year plans to the match the needs and priorities of particular languages, groups and/or regions, with a view to sustainability
• The development of network-based materials that have sustainable maintenance and support
• The viability of open source as a pathway to sustainability

You are invited to submit proposals for 30- or 45-minute presentations, courseware showcase, poster sessions, or symposia that address any of the above or related topics, as well as those involving studies of other aspects that may directly or indirectly influence the impact of the medium on language teaching and learning.

Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2012

View the full call for papers at http://www.worldcall2013.org/call-for-papers.asp

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