June 10, 2012

New Joint Series: Linking Second Languages Research and Practice

Announcing a new series: Linking Second Languages Research and Practice, a joint project, between the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers and the Canadian Modern Language Review.

The series includes access to six CMLR articles on classroom pedagogy (4 FSL and 2 ESL), and to their six corresponding Teachers Guides, developed by Dr Callie Mady of Nipissing University. The Guides aim to help put into practice some of the research findings published in the Canadian Modern Languages Review.

Access the articles here: http://www.caslt.org/what-we-do/Resources-Linking-Second-Languages-Research-and-Practice_en.php

Scaffolding Inclusion in a Grade 8 Core French Classroom: An exploratory case study, Arnett, K.
Une approche littératiée : apprendre les sciences et la langue en immersion tardive, Cormier, M. et Turnbull, M.
Content-Based Instruction: What can we learn from content-trained teachers’ and language-trained teachers’ pedagogies?, Kong, S.
Assessing AIM: A study of grade 8 students in an Ontario school board, Mady, C.
Pratiques de littératie à l’école. Pour une approche ethnographique de la classe en deuxième année d'immersion en Colombie-Britannique, Moore, D. et Sabatier, C.
The Effects of Pre-learning Vocabulary on Reading Comprehension and Writing, Webb, Stuart A.

Version française. http://www.caslt.org/what-we-do/Resources-Linking-Second-Languages-Research-and-Practice_fr.php

UTP Journals. New joint series from CMLR and CASLT: Linking Second Languages Research and Practice. CALICO-L listserv (CALICO-L@LISTSERV.CALICO.ORG, 5 Jun 2012).

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