June 24, 2012

Have Fun with Russian: RIA Novosti’s Online Course

From http://en.rian.ru/docs/learning_russian/faq.html

The “Have Fun with Russian” site is intended to help you start or improve your learning of the Russian language. Throughout the site you will find a lot of games, quizzes, grammar, vocabulary and audio, that will make learning Russian easy.

There are 12 units on the site:

• Word of the day
• How to say it
• Audio and Pictures Games
• Quizzes
• Russian Grammar
• Grammar & Audio
• Dialogues
• Business in Russia
• Russian News
• Travel in Russia
• Russian Rock
• Idioms, proverbs and sayings

In addition, you will find detailed grammar tables which can be used as references when doing some of the exercises.

The website is available at http://en.rian.ru/learning_russian
Read a review of this resource at http://babelanmicroblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/have-fun-with-russian-learn-russian.html

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