June 17, 2012

Miraflores: Spanish Classics Available in the Public Domain

From http://mctlc.org/News_blog?mode=PostView&bmi=944163

Miraflores offers you hundreds of free books and audio books. Under the title El Libro Total, professionals and students will find works that are in the public domain, either because the author has decided to cede the copyright, or because the copyright has expired. This is valid internationally. You will find all the Spanish classics, novels, poetry, theater and more, and a many more recent books. The copyright has expired for all of these books. You can download them from the Miraflores website at http://www.miraflores.org. Please go to Sharing / Compartiendo. The books are organized by country, by author and by title. Other resources include photographs, links to videos, and an online learning activity centered around the Aztecs.

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