June 10, 2012

Documentary about Esperanto

From http://linguistlist.org/issues/23/23-2591.html

Academy Award–nominated director Sam Green ('The Weather Underground') has a new documentary out about Esperanto and language studies. 'The Universal Language' traces Esperanto from its conception in Poland amid other burgeoning nineteenth century Utopian movements through two disastrous world wars, Stalinist suppression, and the rise of globalization. Drawing equally from archival footage and interviews with present-day speakers and linguists, the film portrays a movement full of optimism and humor, as well as a vital curiosity about language’s ability to influence society, culture, and the power structures around them. The film is available for classroom use.

To watch a preview copy of 'The Universal Language' or for more information about the film, please contact dana.samgreenfilm at gmail dot com or visit http://esperantodocumentary.com

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