June 10, 2012

Pequeño Corazón de África: Music from Equatorial Guinea

From http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/betsys-recap-equatorial-guinea-world-wonders-costa-rica-travel-more

From the Zambombazo website:

I am extremely happy to help Zachary announce the release of Pequeño corazón de África! This unique compilation of music from the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, Equatorial Guinea, has been a labor of love for Zachary for the past year and we are excited to finally share it with our colleagues! This free-to-download collection of songs from 19 Guinean artists showcases the passion, talent and pride of the people from this often-overlooked country. We encourage you to share it with your students and colleagues. Above all, we hope this compilation will fire your soul, as it does ours, and spark your students’ passion for learning about every corner of the Spanish-speaking world.

Pequeño Corazón de África is available at http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/pequeno-corazon-de-africa

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