June 10, 2012

Educational Seminars Program- ACIE

Educational Seminars: Bring the World to Your School

The Educational Seminars Program provides short-term professional development opportunities to teachers and administrators from around the world, for 2-3 week reciprocal exchange programs and one-way professional development programs. Participating countries include Argentina, Brazil, Greece, India, Italy, Portugal, and Uruguay. All Educational Seminars provide airfare, training, travel health care, and living costs.

ACIE is currently accepting applications for the Uruguay Program, open to U.S. elementary and high school teachers proficient in Spanish. The Uruguay Teacher Exchange Program is a two-way exchange that provides the opportunity for U.S. and Uruguayan elementary and high school teachers to work together on issues of mutual interest to their communities, schools and students. This program includes two weeks of hosting in February and two weeks of travel the following summer.

Program Application Deadlines for Uruguay: September 15, 2012

For more information, please visit http://www.americancouncils.org/es

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