June 17, 2012

Arabic Online: Online Course in Modern Standard Arabic from the European Union

From http://www.arabiconline.eu/index.php/about/about-arabic-online

ArabicOnline.eu is an EU-funded project to provide comprehensive language learning resources for Modern Standard Arabic.

The project includes hayya bina, a web-based course of Modern Standard Arabic. It is:

Innovative. The pedagogical approach and software have been especially designed for learning Arabic online.
Attainable. The course ‘de-mystifies’ Arabic and proves that learning the language is an attainable goal.
Learner-centered. The language learning software successfully guides users through the learning process and keeps them motivated to continue.
Versatile. The course is suitable for autonomous learning, classroom-based learning, blended learning or distance learning. It can be used as a complete learning resource or it can be used to complement existing materials.
Comprehensive. The course provides everything to meet learners’ needs, teachers’ needs as well as the linguistic and cultural needs of an Arabic course.
Online and interactive. Users will be able to navigate through the course with an easy-to-use, attractive, user-centered interface.

In addition to the course, which is available in several different European languages, there are a learners’ community and introductory and grammatical information.

The Arabic Online website is available at http://www.arabiconline.eu

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