June 10, 2012

Non-Credit Language Technology Certification for K-12 Teachers

The Anderson Language & Technology Center (http://altec.colorado.edu ) at CU Boulder is launching a K-12 version of its Foreign Language Technology Program. This program has been available to CU Boulder faculty and instructors since 2006 and we thought that it was now the time to open the program to K-12 language teachers.

The program will begin in September 2012. It will be spread across 6 Saturdays (3 in the Fall of 2012 and 3 in the Spring of 2013) and culminate with a two-Saturday capstone workshop (April 2013) where participants will build their own multimedia portfolio.

For more information about the curriculum, schedule, cost and registration, please visit this document: http://goo.gl/TUkH1

This information will be transferred to the new ALTEC website as soon as it is ready (It is currently under construction).

Questions? Clarifications? Suggestions? Please e-mail: Edwige.Simon at colorado dot edu

Simon, E. [CCFLT] Non-Credit Language Technology Certification for K-12 Teachers. CCFLT listserv (CCFLT@yahoogroups.com, 8 Jun 2012).

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