June 26, 2011

Workshop: Latin, Language Arts and Literacy

From http://caneweb.org/CANEwp/?p=195

A professional development workshop, Latin, Language Arts and Literacy, is being offered in Marlborough, MA on August 4 and 5 by the Charleston Latin Program of the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC. This two-day workshop prepares educators with or without a background in Latin:

• to develop, expand, and enrich students’ English language arts and literacy skills through a knowledge of Latin.
• to introduce students to ancient Roman culture.
• to enhance students’ readiness for the study of foreign languages.

In addition to Latin teachers homeschooling educators and regular classroom teachers have participated in previous workshops and successfully used the program’s methods and materials with students of elementary and middle school age in various instructional contexts.

Workshops are also being offered this summer at three other locations:

• July 11 and 12 in Charleston, SC
• August 8 and 9 in Syosset, Long Island, NY
• August 11 and 12 in Vienna, VA

To find more information about the program or to register for a workshop go to http://morrisj.people.cofc.edu/CharlestonLatin/workshops.htm

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