June 19, 2011

Book: The Acquisition of L2 Phonology

From http://www.multilingual-matters.com/display.asp?isb=9781847693754

The Acquisition of L2 Phonology
Edited by Adam Wojtaszek and Janusz Arabski
Published by Multilingual Matters

Description: The Acquisition of L2 Phonology is a wide-ranging new collection which focuses on various aspects of the acquisition of an L2 phonological system. The authors are researchers and practitioners from five different countries. The volume has been divided into three major sections. Phonetic Analysis presents five studies of language learners in both naturalistic and formal-educational settings, which illustrate aspects of L2 production and perception. In Phonological Analysis a more abstract and comparative perspective is taken, in order to use recent theories modeling the route of L1/L2 pronunciation and reading ability development to account for observable tendencies in learner behavior. Pedagogical Perspectives consists of four contributions of high practical value, which look at the mastery of native-like or highly intelligible pronunciation as an important component of L2 education.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.multilingual-matters.com/display.asp?isb=9781847693754

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