June 11, 2011

Lady Gaga Wants To Learn Sign Language

From http://www.k-international.com/blog/lady-gaga-wants-to-learn-sign-language

Lady Gaga has been branded as the new “Queen of Pop Music” and a music phenomenon of her generation with a string of hits: “just dance” , “bad romance”, “poker face “and more recently “Judas”. Since 2005 she has sold more than 6 million albums worldwide.

However, underneath the surface gloss, glamour and eccentricity, there beats the heart of a true philanthropist who has contributed to various charities and humanitarian works as well as campaigning for gay rights in America and the fight against HIV.

More recently, Lady Gaga has expressed a desire to learn sign language so she can communicate with her deaf fans.

Read the full blog entry at http://www.k-international.com/blog/lady-gaga-wants-to-learn-sign-language

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