June 11, 2011

Passage Rating Seminar

From http://larc.sdsu.edu/passage-rating-seminar

Passage Rating Seminar at the Language Acquisition Resource Center in San Diego

The 5-day training (July 18-22), with mornings required and afternoons optional for additional work identifying and rating target language passages, looks at various types of text (print and media) to determine how they map onto the various levels of proficiency, from the ACTFL Novice (ILR 0) to the ACTFL Advanced (ILR 2). The optional afternoon sessions focus on the levels beyond the ACTFL Advanced level, considering properties of the Professional (Superior and Distinguished, or ILR 3 and 4) level texts. Participants will be better equipped to choose authentic materials for the levels of language they are teaching, as well as to understand the properties of text that students are capable of producing.

Learn more and register at http://larc.sdsu.edu/passage-rating-seminar

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