June 19, 2011

AccELLerate! Newsletter Available

The National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of AccELLerate!
You can read AccELLerate! 3.4 on NCELA website in pdf format at http://www.ncela.gwu.edu/files/uploads/17/Accellerate_3_4.pdf

This issue of AccELLerate! features a range of articles on STEM education for ELs; a unifying theme is the importance of moving students toward independent learning and the ability to demonstrate a deeper understanding of STEM content areas, improved language, and increased literacy skills.

In this Issue:

Anstrom & DiCerbo—Advanced Literacy in Science: Language Demands and PD Practices
August, Artzi, & Mazrum—Science and Vocabulary for English Learners
Berg—Tools of Systemic Functional Linguistics
Bravo—Leveraging Spanish-Speaking ELs’ Native Language to Access Science
Breitberg, Barrera, & Moffitt—Building Early Elementary ELs’ Scientific Content Knowledge and Inquiry and Literacy Skills
Crowther, Tibbs, Wallstrum, Storke, & Leonis—Academic Vocabulary Instruction within Inquiry Science: The Blended/Tiered Approach
Leier & Fregeau—Teaching Science to ELs: Collaborative Support from ESOL and Secondary Subject Area Teachers
Nagle & MacDonald—Using Functional Language Analysis to Develop Scientific Thinking

Pritchard & O’Hara—Using Technology to Improve Academic Vocabulary Development in STEM Classrooms

Carr, Schlessman, & Niktab—Challenges in Engineering Design as a Space for Language Development

Aguirre-Mu├▒oz—Helping ELs Reason Mathematically through Explicit Language Moves
Bolt & Herrera—Using Vocabulary Foldables as a Vehicle for Authentic Math Assessment
Bright—Sharing our Success in Math
Gerena & Keiler—Innovative Solutions to Help Teachers of ELs in a Math and Science Classroom

Also in this issue:
Sonnenberg—Web Resources: Math and Science for ELs, Wilde—Patterns in EL Students’ Mathematics Course-Taking, and Did You Know?

You can read AccELLerate! 3.4 on NCELA’s website in pdf format at http://www.ncela.gwu.edu/files/uploads/17/Accellerate_3_4.pdf

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