June 26, 2011

Books of Interest to Language Educators from Pearson Education

Pearson Education has recently released several books that may be of interest to language professionals:

Teaching and Researching: Autonomy in Language Learning
by Philip Benson

Description: Autonomy has become a key concept in language education. This comprehensive account of autonomy in language learning, clearly details the history and sources of the concept, discusses current areas of debate and looks at practical applications in the classroom.

The webpage for this book is available at http://catalogue.pearsoned.co.uk/educator/product/Teaching-and-Researching-Autonomy-in-Language-Learning/9781408205013.page

Teaching and Researching: Listening
by Michael Rost

Description: The book provides a thorough and practical treatment of both the linguistic and pragmatic processes that are involved in oral language use from the perspective of the listener. The inclusion of a broad range of ideas and practical tools for the construction of teaching and research models will engage and inform all those investigating communicative language use.

The webpage for this book is available at http://catalogue.pearsoned.co.uk/educator/product/Teaching-and-Researching-Listening/9781408205075.page

Teaching & Researching : Language Learning Strategies
by Rebecca Oxford

Description: In this highly accessible and informative book Rebecca Oxford shows why self-regulated learning strategies are necessary for language proficiency and offers practical suggestions for assessing, teaching, and researching these strategies. This book integrates sociocultural, cognitive, and affective dimensions proving there is nothing as practical as a good theory.

The webpage for this book is available at http://catalogue.pearsoned.co.uk/educator/product/Teaching-Researching-Language-Learning-Strategies/9780582381292.page

Teaching and Researching: Reading
by William Grabe

Description: This title considers all of the most prevalent and active theories about reading and builds connections from research to sound instructional practices and suggests research possibilities. Offering an overview of reading theory, it summarizes the main ideas and issues in first and second language contexts and covers key research studies.

The webpage for this book is available at http://catalogue.pearsoned.co.uk/educator/product/Teaching-and-Researching-Reading/9781408205037.page

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