June 11, 2011

Workshop: Essential Basics for Language Immersion Programs

Consortium of Indigenous Language Organizations (CILO)
Language Immersion for Native Children Program (LINC)
is pleased to announce

Immersion A-Z: Essential Basics for Language Immersion Programs
July 18 through July 20, 2011

Three-day workshop for those planning and starting immersion programs
Venue: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Albuquerque, NM

Seating will be limited so sign up quickly. Registration deadline is June 30, 2011 unless this workshop fills up prior to that date.

This workshop provides an overview of diverse essential elements that are required for successful planning and implementation of immersion programs. The workshop provides hands-on experience on language immersion methods, the proven effective way of transmitting language knowledge from one generation to the next in a variety of contexts:

*At home (Family Language Program)
*In the community where an elder works with a learner (Master-Apprentice Program)
*At Day Care Centers where babies are cared for
*At Preschool/Head Start where very young toddlers interact with each other and with caregivers
*At schools where young children are formally educated to be active and contributing members of the community and of the world

Participants will learn how to design and implement immersion teaching, how to make long range plans for language programs, how to create language activities, how to produce fun and useful materials for language learning, and how to assess the effectiveness of the language immersion program.

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