June 26, 2011

Twitter Resources

Are you curious about Twitter? Already tweeting and wondering where to find second language teaching connections? Here are some resources that may help.

A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer describes how Twitter can be a useful tool for educators: http://articles.philly.com/2011-06-18/news/29674329_1_twitter-technology-teacher-tweets

A recent post to the FLTEACH listserv provides the following hints for follows and also a document for finding useful resources outside of Twitter:

French teacher Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth on twitter) has put together a doc with the aim of encouraging more FL teachers to use Twitter, by allowing teachers to share recent 'finds' that they have come across as a result of tweets on Twitter.

Here's the Google docs link: http://bit.ly/j79pc3
Please feel free to contribute to the doc - or just have a look at the links posted by others.

If you do go on twitter, a couple of hashtags you can follow are #flteach #langchat #wlteach - hastags included in tweets of relevance or potential interest to MFL / FL / LOTE teachers.

Also, have a look at the #flteach daily newspaper: http://paper.li/tag/flteach (essentially a daily digest of all of the links each day in tweets which include the #flteach hashtag, arranged to look like an online newspaper.)

Lapworth, M. [FLTEACH] If you were on twitter... FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 18 Jun 2011).

An MFLResources user recently added,

“German teachers might like to check out and 'follow'

@dw_learngerman - a Deutsche Welle offering
@OxfordSchoolMFL - they do a good word or the day
@BILD_aktuell - you have to keep in touch with the important stuff !
@Sprachwelt - größte deutsche Zeitschrift für Sprachpflege
@langology - general linguistics stuff
@GermanTeens - a very prolific tweeter who sees life through a teenager's eyes”

Crease, A. Re: [mflresources] If you were on twitter.... MFLResources listserv (mflresources@yahoogroups.com, 18 Jun 2011).

The Ohio Foreign Language Association recently joined Twitter (@OFLA1) and in a recent e-mail OFLA’s Sarah Shackelford suggests the following resources for using Twitter in the classroom:



Shackelford, S. [OFLA] OFLA is on Twitter;-). OFLA listserv (OFLA@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU, 19 Jun 2011).

Don’t forget that CASLS is also on Twitter (@CASLS_NFLRC). Happy tweeting!


  1. The information I collected in the Google doc described above is now a Google doc presentation:


  2. What a wonderful presentation! 70 pages of great resources and a strong incentive to tweet.


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