June 11, 2011

New Issue of SlavFile, Newsletter of the Slavic Division of the American Translators Association

The Spring edition of SlavFile, the quarterly newsletter of the ATA Slavic Languages Division, is now out and available to all, without charge or registration, at: http://www.ata-divisions.org/SLD/slavfile.htm

It is primarily in English, and many articles are intended to be accessible to those who do not read Russian or another Slavic language.

--2010 ATA Conference reviews:
*Contemporary Russian: Enhanced Vocabulary, Endangered Syntax
*Rocket and Space Terminology
*Practical Challenges of Legal and Medical Interpreting
--More than Words: on Shostakovich, raisins, and more
--SlavFilms: Podstrochnik: Translating between the Lines, review of the film and book on translator Lilianna Lungina (part 2)
--Google Translate and back again -- the case of Harry Potter
--New tourism vocabulary
--Not by Word Count Alone
--Idiom Savants - Money Talks (part 2) - bilingual idioms about money

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