June 2, 2012

New Issue of the IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies

The latest issue of the IALLT Journal for Language Learning Technologies is now available. You can download articles at http://www.iallt.org/iallt_journal

In this issue:

Bridging the Gap: Online Modules for Less Commonly Taught Languages
Sociocultural Theory-Guided College-Level Mandarin Chinese Hybrid Course Design
Using Web 2.0 to Learn the Spanish Pretérito and Imperfecto
Collaboration through Wiki and Paper Compositions in Foreign Language Classes
The Electronic Portfolio as Assessment Tool and More: The Drake University Model
Computer Assisted Instruction & the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines
A Web-Based Tutorial for the Instruction of Spanish Pragmatics
Realizing the Potential of Mobile Phone Technology for Language Learning
Assessing Student Oral Language Proficiency: Cost-Conscious Tools, Practices & Outcomes
The Stanford Non-Native Rapper Contest: Fostering Transcultural Competences Using Social Media
Language Learning Technology Review
LLTI Highlights
Legal Issues & Language Learning Technology

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