March 4, 2012

Study Abroad Opportunity in Turkey

Portland State University is organizing a study abroad course to Turkey from June 18-July 7, 2012. This study abroad course is about hard core Turkish Politics and Society from an insider and Non-Orientalist perspective. If you would like to learn about Turkish political parties (AK Parti, CHP, MHP, Isci Partisi, Saadet Partisi, TKP, Yesiller Partisi, BDP, Ulku Ocaklari), religious organizations (Cemevleri, Alevi Foundations, Tarikats-Zikirler) , think-tanks, the educational system, we strongly recommend you to take thisstudy abroad to Turkey course. You will stay in the historical neighborhood of Üsküdar on the Asian side of the city, living within Turkish society and learning about Turkish Transformational Politics. The experience will expand your understanding of modern Turkey in the context of globalization, the economy, Islam and the Middle East.

For full details go to

Riedlmayer, A. H-TURK: Study Abroad Opportunity in Turkey - June 18-July 7, 2012 PSU [T.Keskin]. H-TURK listserv (H-TURK@H-NET.MSU.EDU, 29 Feb 2012).

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