March 17, 2012

New Oregon Language Honor Society


The new Oregon Language Honor Society (OLHS) recognizes students of the middle and high school levels for not only their academic achievement, but also for their devotion to the study of any foreign language in the state of Oregon. While also encouraging administrators and language educators to develop and maintain high standards of language education, the OLHS serves to promote community service, cultural exploration, and the value of studying a foreign language. All OLHS students and teachers receive certificates of achievement as well as letters of appreciation from COFLT. Those schools who establish a charter will also be recognized in our Spectrum newsletter and on our website. In addition to recognizing students and teachers, the OLHS is a powerful advocacy and promotional tool for your language programs, separate from already existing language-specific honor societies such as the JNHS (Japanese National Honor Society), etc. It is a society to recognize all students of language in Oregon.

Download more information from*GeyUc7nSPu3dblHkUpDyHj-GVPaWWR6uFQK10pmV2wMkd2o7eLuSQwIieyTC4ztsTYym/OLHS_InfoGuide.pdf

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