March 11, 2012

Editorial: Which is the “Best” Language To Learn? French!


Your InterCom editor doesn’t believe that there is a “best” language. Nevertheless, a recent editorial by Robert Lane Greene promoting language learning, especially French, may give teachers some ammunition in promoting their programs.

Once a mark of the cultured, language-learning is in retreat among English speakers. It’s never too late, but where to start? Robert Lane Greene launches our latest Big Question ...
Which Is the Best Language To Learn?
From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, March/April 2012

English is not only the first language of the obvious countries, it is now the rest of the world’s second language: a Japanese tourist in Sweden or a Turk landing a plane in Spain will almost always speak English.

Nonetheless, compelling reasons remain for learning other languages. They range from the intellectual to the economical to the practical.

But if I was asked what foreign language is the most useful, and given no more parameters (where? for what purpose?), my answer would be French. Whatever you think of France, the language is much less limited than many people realize.

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