March 17, 2012

Spanish Music Database


A Maryland Spanish teacher has assembled a database of songs in Spanish by artist, title, grammar, vocabulary, culture topic, country, and YouTube video link. As she says in her blog, “If I’m looking for a song that contains the future tense or object pronouns or commands, etc, that’s what I search for; if I need a song from Uruguay, I search for that; if my students have responded favorably to a different artist, like Sie7e, María Mulata or Orishas, I am able to search for more music from that artist; if I need music videos about Sevilla, they are there, too.”

Read more about her database at

The database is available at! . Scroll down to My music database to download it.

For more teaching ideas from this same teacher, you can follow her blog at ; although it hasn’t been updated recently it is full of good ideas and resources. There are also more resources for teachers on the wiki: ; scroll down to For teachers in the left sidebar.

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