March 17, 2012

La Mappa Misteriosa: Italian Course for Beginners Is a Video Adventure


La Mappa Misteriosa is a course for beginners, presented as a video-based choose-your-own-adventure quest for learners.

There are 12 episodes, each covering language topics such as directions, shopping, etc. Each episode is a combination of video with language teaching and practice, focused on developing communicative skills. The language is presented in small bite-sized chunks. Learners are encouraged to practice and to speak out loud to the characters they encounter.

Each episode is accompanied by a consolidation learning section, bringing together all the key vocabulary, explaining the grammar structures and providing extra practice.

Learners can also review the key scenes, tagged with the key language objective, by using the green bar at the bottom of the video screen.

Access La Mappa Misteriosa at ; resources for teachers are available in the light green menu bar at the top of the screen.

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