March 25, 2012

Upcoming AATG Webinars


Here are some upcoming webinars from the American Association of Teachers of German:

Musik im Deutschunterricht
March 27, 2012
Songs by Die Prinzen, the Wise Guys, Bettina Wegner, Frank Zander, Rammstein and Rolf Zuckowski are highly motivating for students and form the basis for this webinar on how to effectively use music in German instruction. Songs and video can be used to improve language proficiencies in all students. Music that is appropriate for teaching various themes will be introduced and multiple ways to use them will be presented. This webinar will be presented in German.

Using 21st Century Tools in the German Classroom
April 10, 2012
What "cool tools' are out there to get students excited about German and keep them past the elementary level? How can you use technology at the earliest stages of German class if the students don't know any German? How do I use images to teach language and culture? This Webinar will explore several methods of effectively using technology for the beginning levels of German instruction. This Webinar is suited for all German instructors (elementary, middle, high school and university level). Participants should feel comfortable using technology, but no specific knowledge base is required to participate.

Developing Proficiencies in Interpersonal Communication
April 17, 2012
As one of the three modes of communication, Interpersonal communication provides opportunities for learners to negotiate and experiment with language in a meaningful setting. What does that look like in your classroom? How do you best assess students as they put their language to work? With a majority of all communication occurring in this mode, how can you best equip your students to communicate with other German speakers?

Alternative Assessments
April 24, 2012
Teachers may notice quite often that their best language students are not those who score the highest on traditional tests. It is important to find other ways of assessing your students' skills and to help these pupils be more engaged and more successful. The purpose of this webinar is to suggest some alternative assessment formats that will help you achieve those goals. Good teachers are dynamic and flexible, and so it follows that their assessment tools should be, also.

Increasing and Retaining Students: Building a Robust German Program
May 1, 2012
German instructors at all levels are under pressure not only to attract students to elementary courses, but also to retain them for intermediate and advanced courses. This webinar will provide concrete suggestions and present strategies to build robust and vibrant German programs by retaining students through innovative curricula, exciting extra-curricular activities, meaningful articulation and collaboration, and deliberate marketing.

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