March 17, 2012

CLEAR Webinars


CLEAR Webinars are online workshops for language teachers from the Center for Language Education and research. Unlike many webinars, these modules are interactive and focus on specific topics of interest to language teachers. Webinars are largely self-directed and self-paced, but a facilitator will be available to answer questions as participants need additional help.

Unlike face-to-face workshops, the on-demand format of webinars accommodates your busy schedule. CLEAR designed the webinars to be modular, so you can complete a webinar in a single block of time (between one and six hours, with most of them being three hours). Get relevant, useful professional development when you need it.

Currently available webinars include the following:

Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning
Introduction to Lesson Plans for Language Teaching
Creating classroom tests: fundamental concepts

Learn more about CLEAR webinars at

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