March 25, 2012

Book: Doing Applied Linguistics


Doing Applied Linguistics: A guide for students
By Nicholas Groom, Jeannette Littlemore
Published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Description: Doing Applied Linguistics provides a concise, lively and accessible introduction to the field of applied linguistics for readers who have little or no prior knowledge of the subject. The book explores the basics of the field then goes on to examine in more depth what applied linguists actually do, and the types of research methods that are most frequently used in the field. By reading this book students will find the answers to four sets of basic questions:

What is applied linguistics, and what do applied linguists do?
Why do it? What is the point of applied linguistics?
How and why might I get involved in applied linguistics?
How to do it? What kinds of activities are involved in doing applied linguistic research?

Written by teachers and researchers in applied linguistics Doing Applied Linguistics is intended for all students with interests in this area.

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