March 17, 2012

Oregon Radio Program in French: Live from USA

Students at Pacific University in Forest Grove, working with French Teaching Assistant and Fulbright scholar Jessica Lebbe from France, are producing and broadcasting "Live from USA," the university's first French-American show (in French), on French radio Click'N'Rock. The concept is to create an exchange between the American students who are studying French, and French people who are curious to know more about aspects of the American students' way of life, beyond the typical clichés depicted in movies and on TV. The segments are available for listening, online at


  1. The link isn't working. Anyone have the correct link?

  2. Yep, I found it didn't work for me, either.

  3. ca ne marche pas


  4. My apologies. I omitted a backslash in the original post; the link has been corrected now.


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