March 11, 2012

Online German Grammar Course: Grammatiktraining C1/C2


The course
You practice grammar at a high linguistic level and apply what you learn to every exercise by writing short texts about diverse topics. A personal correspondence teacher accompanies you throughout the entire course, corrects your assignments, comments on your achievements and gives you individual study tips. In this manner you will be introduced, step-by-step, to the language level C2 and also prepared for an exam, if necessary. At the end of the course you will receive a participation confirmation.

Course materials
You work on a total of 9 comprehensive submitted exercises. The first 8 are each dedicated to a grammatical theme, for example "sentence links" or "modal verbs". The last submitted assignment is a test, so that you can monitor your learning progress. Additionally, you receive the grammar book "Übungsgrammatik für Fortgeschrittene" ("Intermediate practice grammar") by Karin Hall and Barbara Scheiner, Hueber Verlag We send you the complete course material per post.

Support language
You will be supervised in German.

Course length
You have nine months in which to send in all the exercises. You can complete the course in a shorter period of time, if you wish. It is possible to start the course at any time.

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