November 13, 2011

Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers Central States Extension Workshop Grant


WAFLT Central States Extension Workshop Grant

Each year approximately 25 participants are selected to attend the CSC Extension Workshop during the annual meeting of Central States. They receive information and materials about recent trends in world language teaching with an emphasis on the practical application of new ideas for the classroom. Participants are then asked to conduct a similar Extension Workshop in their local area to bring their conference experience and its new and evolving ideas to a greater number of teachers locally.

WAFLT annually offers two grants for members to attend the Central States Extension Workshop. This year’s Workshop will be held on Thursday, March 8, 2012 in Milwaukee, WI. The topic for the Extension Workshop is "Making Sense of Writing" presented by Laura Terrill. It’s a great opportunity to: attend a free, full-day workshop at the Central States Conference; learn from experienced, well-known presenters; gain current, practical information on this year’s topic; and use the materials you receive to present a session at the WAFLT Fall Conference.

Applications must be received electronically by December 15.

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