November 27, 2011

Call for Papers: Chinese as a Second Language Research Journal


CASLAR is a bilingual, double peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers both in Chinese and English. It is the first bilingual journal (Chinese - English) published by a Western publisher. The journal will publish 3 papers in Chinese and 3 papers in English in each issue starting with 2 issues in 2012. Each paper in the journal will have a summary in both Chinese and English. The journal will provide a forum for scholars interested in Chinese as a Second Language Research and focus on research on the acquisition, development and use of Chinese as a Second Language. It supports interaction and scholarly debate between researchers representing different subfields of linguistics with a focus on Chinese as a Second Language. The journal intends to be a forum for researchers who are looking for new tools and methods to investigate and better understand CSL.
The editors are especially interested in publishing articles and research papers that
- address major issues of second language acquisition from the perspective of CSL,
- explore the implications of CSL research for theoretical developments and practical applications,
- focus on the acquisition, development and use of varieties of CSL,
- study the nature of interaction between native speakers and non-native speakers of Chinese,
- investigate how SLA theories can advance and develop better Chinese language teaching methodologies,
- analyze the ways in which language is both shaped by culture and is the medium through which culture is created,
- investigate how CSL research can support Chinese as a Second Language teaching.

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