November 13, 2011

Book: Media in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning


Media in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
Edited by Wai Meng Chan, Kwee Nyet Chin, Masanori Nagami, and Titima Suthiwan
Published by de Gruyter

The book contains 16 papers which look at different forms of media and explore how these affect or can be used effectively in foreign language education. The first of three parts focuses on important theoretical and pedagogical issues in selecting and using media. In the second part, insightful empirical research findings are presented on the contributions of different forms of media in language teaching and learning, including their effect on learners' learning motivation. The third and concluding part of the book provides in-depth accounts of how media can be harnessed to drive innovative curricular practice as well as students' evaluations of these curricular projects.

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