November 27, 2011

Online Latin Course: Latin for Mountain Men

Here is what the course author says about this online resource:

“My explicit aim in this course is to enable you to decipher short Latin phrases, such as the Latin names, abbreviations, and nomenclature in biology, astronomy, medicine, law, and scholarly work. …These lessons are meant to be done in your spare time, and enjoyed. …

“I have used real Latin, written by native speakers, throughout the course, rather than the doubtful stuff created by our contemporaries, especially me. Toward the end of the course there are some more extended selections from authors not usually included in Latin courses, the engineers Vitruvius and Frontinus, who are both educated and intelligent men with interesting things to say. A song from Carmina Burana is translated, that you can hear sung in Latin in a recent CD by Charlotte Church. I have made a special effort to show you the power and beauty of Latin by these examples. … The Latin in these lessons is that of the first century, regarded by those whose opinions may be valued as the purest and most pleasing, which is why it is called classic.”

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