November 13, 2011

Book: Foreign Language Teaching in Asia and Beyond


Foreign Language Teaching in Asia and Beyond: Current Perspectives and Future Directions
Edited by Wai Meng Chan, Kwee Nyet Chin, and Titima Suthiwan
Published by de Gruyter

This book, comprising two parts, is concerned with both the science and the art of foreign language teaching, with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on Asia.

Under the theme of “Theoretical foundation and research”, Part 1 of this book informs the readers about recent efforts in theoretical and empirical research which have had an impact on foreign language teaching or promise to yield results that will shape its future. These studies, not just from the domain of foreign language teaching but also its primary feeder disciplines of linguistics and second language acquisition, offer the necessary theoretical and conceptual foundation for both current and future research and practice.

As its theme “Classroom practice and evaluation studies” suggests, Part 2 focuses on new and innovative developments in curricular and classroom practice, all built upon insights from research in the above-mentioned disciplines and poised to become standard practices. These projects include qualitative and quantitative evaluation studies which have yielded insightful data for the refinement and continued development of the projects and their underlying theoretical concepts.

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