November 27, 2011

Article: Educator Develops Multimedia Tools To Share, Preserve Ojibwe Language


New home movies resurrect endangered Native American language
Educator develops multimedia tools to share, preserve Ojibwe language.
November 21, 2011

University of Minnesota Duluth education professor Mary Hermes says saving an endangered language goes beyond just enriching the people who speak it.

With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Hermes is combining the skills of native speakers with video technology to help others, young and old, learn the language in the most natural way. She's doing it by videotaping short movies of everyday situations, from going to a rummage sale to planting a garden to helping out a sick relative.

Besides the videos, Hermes has worked to create immersion schools for the language and helped arrange workshops to boost interest in Ojibwe, and other endangered languages.

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