October 20, 2013

Russian Simplified News Is Back

After months of hiatus, the Russian Simplified News is back:

This is the first of eight planned webcasts for this academic year.

The news itself is taken from a number of Russian sites, including Lenta.Ru, Vesti.Ru, Ytro.ru and other authentic sites. The editorial "slant" is left unchanged and should not be taken to represent the views of the NCLRC.

The accompanying exercises include pre-listening background information, vocabulary support, and post-listening activities. The exercises are written in the multiple-choice or fill-in formats. Listeners can check their answers with a mouse click.

Access the podcasts at http://nclrc.org/webcasts/russian

Robin, R. [SEELANGS] Russian webcasts are back. SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU, 18 Oct 2013).

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