October 6, 2013

New Learner Corpus Association

From http://linguistlist.org/issues/24/24-3902.html

The Learner Corpus Association (LCA) aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas on learner corpus research from an interdisciplinary perspective:
- Second language acquisition
- Foreign language teaching (including CALL)
- Language testing
- NLP applications (automated scoring, L1 identification, error detection and correction, etc.)
- Other language-related fields

The association was officially launched at the second Learner Corpus Research conference which took place in Bergen (Norway) on 27-29 September, 2013.

The LCA maintains a dedicated website and initiates a bi-yearly conference. You can access the LCA website at the following URL: http://www.learnercorpusassociation.org

Registered members will have access to the members-only sections of the website which will contain a range of resources, including shared corpora, publications and corpus tools and a regularly updated searchable learner corpus bibliography. They will also be able to take part in forums focused on a range of topics (learner corpus design, annotation, methodology, applications, etc.) and benefit from discounts, notably from publishers, negotiated by the LCA.

Registration is now open at http://www.learnercorpusassociation.org/join . Registered members will be able to take part in the election of the Executive Board due to take place in early December.

If you want to help shape the association and contribute to its success, don't hesitate to join.

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