January 14, 2014

Changes to InterCom

We have made some changes to InterCom and will no longer be using Blogger to share content. 
InterCom helps language educators stay up-to-date on issues in language education and locate quality, relevant ideas for the classroom in one weekly customized email digest. Our editor monitors professional online communications such as listservs, blogs, and organizational websites to find the most relevant, useful information and resources for language professionals. Each issue of Intercom includes:
  • Weekly topic: A brief insight into an issue relevant to language teaching and learning
  • Activity of the week: An activity exemplifying the application of the week's theme
  • Spotlight: Update on CASLS activity
  • Publications: Links to publications that match your interests
  • Professional development: Links to professional development opportunities
  • Language corner: Resources and ideas for language professionals, customized to your interests
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