October 13, 2013

Ohio Foreign Language Association Awards

From http://www.ofla-online.org/index.php/awards/4-awards

The Awards Committee of the Ohio Foreign Language Association is accepting nominations for the awards listed below. All submissions must be sent electronically and received by November 1, 2014. Awards are not necessarily made each year in each category. If you wish to nominate a deserving colleague for a specific award, please use the official nomination form.

Leona Glenn Awards for Outstanding World Language Teacher
Ed Allen Award for Outstanding College World Language Instructor
Distinguished Career Award
Beginning Teacher Award
Outstanding Professional Service Award
Outstanding teacher Award for Less Commonly Taught Languages
Community Service Award
Outstanding World Language Technology Award
Publications Award
Outstanding Program Award

For full details and to nominate a colleague go to http://www.ofla-online.org/index.php/awards/4-awards

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