October 20, 2013

Call for Papers: Language Testing and Research Colloquium

From http://ltrc2014.nl

The Department of Language and Communication of VU University Amsterdam and Pearson look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam for the 36th Language Testing and Research Colloquium, 4-6 June 2014.

The organizers invite proposals dealing with the theme of development of our field Towards a Universal Framework, specifically discussing

 Diagnosing progress and taking account of differentially developing skills
 Supporting classroom teachers to structure their teaching
 Supporting learners by providing evidence of their strengths and weaknesses
 Increasing transparency of test results for learners, teachers and parents
 Describing progress unequivocally based on psychometrically robust definitions
 Age-dependent descriptors and how they relate to the universal scale
 Regional variations and how they relate to a universal scale
 Academic discipline-dependent descriptors and how they relate to a universal scale
 Job-related descriptors and how they relate to a universal scale
 Defining what it means to know a foreign/second language theory and or data

The deadline for submitting proposals is 10 November 2013 at midnight Anywhere on Earth.

View the full call for papers at http://ltrc2014.nl/call-for-papers.html

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