October 20, 2013

Book: Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Second Language Research Forum: Converging Theory and Practice

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Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Second Language Research Forum: Converging Theory and Practice
Edited by Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li
Published by the Cascadilla Proceedings Project


Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li

— Formal Approaches to SLA —

Acquisition of English Verb Transitivity by Native Speakers of Japanese
Tomonori Nagano

The Effect of Subject Person on English Auxiliary Movement: Evidence from Early L2 Learners
Sunny K. Park-Johnson

— Functional Approaches to SLA —

Analyzing the Reframing Process from a Language Socialization Perspective
Keiko Kitade

— Psycholinguistic Approaches to SLA —

Rethinking Transfer Effects: Evidence from Ambiguity Resolution in Mandarin
Yun Yao

Working-Memory Capacity Effects in the Processing of Non-adjacent Subject-Verb Agreement: An Event-Related Brain Potentials Study
Robert V. Reichle, Annie Tremblay, and Caitlin E. Coughlin

Are All L2 Learners Morphologically Insensitive? L1 Influence and WM Capacity as Mitigating Factors
Guillermo Rodríguez

Second Language Processing of Filler-Gap Dependencies: Evidence for the Role of Lexical Access
A. Kate Miller

Representation of Verbal Inflections in Native and Non-native French: Evidence from a Masked-Priming Word-Naming Task
Caitlin E. Coughlin

Movement and Binding-Driven Efficiencies in L2 Sentence Processing: On the Role of UG-Constrained Acquisition in L2 Cognition
Laurent Dekydtspotter, Michael McGuire, and Sabrina Mossman

L1 Korean Transfer in Processing L2 English Passive Sentences
Kitaek Kim and Hyunwoo Kim

The Role of Linguistic Knowledge in the Encoding of Words and Voices in Memory
Stephen Winters, Karen Lichtman, and Silke Weber

— Second Language Classroom Research —

A Multivariate Analysis of L2 English Article Use by Article-less L1 Learners
Junko Tanaka

A Reexamination of Ultimate Attainment in L2 Phonology: Length of Immersion, Motivation, and Phonological Short-Term Memory
Charles Nagle

Does Partial Radical Information Help in the Learning of Chinese Characters?
Jing Wang and Keiko Koda

— Second Language Phonetics and Phonology —

The Effects of L2 Proficiency on L3 Phonological Acquisition: A Preliminary Test of the L2 Proficiency Hypothesis
Alison Garcia

"Good-Enough" Use of Structural Information in French: Prosodic and Verb-Bias Cues
Jui Namjoshi, Stéphanie Gaillard, and Annie Tremblay

— Second Language Testing and Assessment —

-A Comparative Study of Cultural, Social and Institutional Dimensions of Language Exams in Iranian, French and American Language Classes
Soodeh Eghtesad

— Technology and SLA —
-Case Studies: Text, Technology and Readers in a University ESL Classroom
Migyu Kang

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