October 20, 2013

New Weekly Series: Wort der Woche

From http://www.thegermanprofessor.com

This is the first in a new series of weekly posts that will closely examine some of the most commonly used words in German. Vocabulary words are chosen from the top 1000 words in German (as determined by Tschirner and Jones’ Frequency Dictionary of the German Language). Wort der Woche will present lots of information about these German words and a full range of the ways they are commonly used. Information about frequency, common usages and derivations, and typical word combinations is derived from a variety of reliable, well-documented sources.

The first word is Finden. Read more about it at http://www.thegermanprofessor.com/wort-der-woche-finden/#.UmP5lCSoHWc

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