October 27, 2013

Article: Language Learning and Motivation

From http://languagemagazine.com/?page_id=13138

Finding Drive
by Seyedeh Sara Jafari
October 2013

There is no question that one's success in any task is closely related to motivation. Learning a language is no exception. But what is motivation?

There are different reasons for studying a foreign language: some study a language for practical reasons, while others are interested in a particular language, its speakers, and its culture. For some, language learning is only an abstract undertaking required for an academic degree. Gardner and Lambert (1972) define integrative and instrumental motivation. Falk (1978) believed that the successful students in the learning of a target language are those who have a desire to become familiar with or even integrate within the society in which the target language is used; this kind of motivation is known as integrative motivation.

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