October 20, 2013

Participation Requested for ACTFL Research Project

From http://www.actfl.org/professional-development/actfl-ecml-project

Your participation is sought for a ACTOSTL, collaborative project on behalf of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe (ECML). The project requires the active participation of practicing teachers and student teachers.

The central aim of the project is to determine what student and initial teachers consider to be good practices in foreign language teaching. To do this, the researchers are asking student teachers and initial teachers of languages in the USA and throughout Europe to observe foreign language classes and to document ‘indicators’ of good practices in specific areas.

Learn more about this project at http://www.actfl.org/professional-development/actfl-ecml-project . Comments must be entered by December 1, 2013.

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