October 20, 2013

Book: Noticing and Second Language Acquisition

From http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/get_publication.cfm?id=303&scriptname=searchsite_pub&keyword=MG09&display_order=alphabetic

Noticing and second language acquisition: Studies in honor of Richard Schmidt
Edited by Joara Martin Bergsleithner, Sylvia Nagem Frota, and Jim Kei Yoshioka
Published by the National Foreign Language Resource Center

This volume celebrates the life and groundbreaking work of Richard Schmidt, the developer of the influential Noticing Hypothesis in the field of second language acquisition. The 19 chapters encompass a compelling collection of cutting­edge research studies exploring such constructs as noticing, attention, and awareness from multiple perspectives, which expand, fine tune, sometimes support, and sometimes challenge Schmidt’s seminal ideas and take research on noticing in exciting new directions.

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