July 27, 2011

Two French Resources: CultureBox and Table Manners

An FLTEACH listserv user recently suggested a few online resources for French teachers:

This website: http://culturebox.france3.fr has short (2-7minute) video clips in French about French art, music, dance, literature etc. It's also a little bit like a news website in that it keeps the videos updated so students could go on and listen to a video and do a reflection or prepare something for a cultural discussion in class once a month or something like that.

Liotine, R. [FLTEACH] Website with clips about French culture and arts. FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 11 Jul 2011).

Many times in foreign language classes it is custom to have some kind of "social gathering" during the class period on cultural holidays or during a food unit. Rarely though, have I noticed that teachers teach students how they would be expected to eat and sit at a table in that particular cultural setting. As I am going to be a French teacher, I think that it would be a great learning experience to teach students how to set the table and eat in a French setting. Perhaps students could choose to bring different dishes: The bread, salad, soup, etc. and bring recipes in French to share with the class in a kind of class-made "cook book". Well, I thought that I would share this idea and the websites that I found some interesting information about French etiquette.

Liotine, R. [FLTEACH] French Table Manners. FLTEACH listserv (FLTEACH@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU, 20 Jul 2011).

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