July 24, 2011

Online Project: What Will the World Look Like in 1000 Years?

From http://www.esletc.com

What will the world look like in 1000 years?

This is the question posed by Sibylle Machat via her website, where she displays drawings of people’s imagined answers. She invites people to submit their ideas via postcard. This would be a great class activity, and the images Sibylle has already collected would make great writing or discussion prompts. Plus, students would probably get a kick out of seeing their work displayed online. This would obviously fit in well with a global issues class, but it would also work as part of a unit on community or activist art.

Read the blog post with this teaching idea at http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ESLetcALL/~3/UQ0pnY81jNc

The Wie sieht die Welt in 1000 Jahren aus? / What will the world look like in 1000 years? website is in English and German and is available at http://www.in1000years.com

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