July 27, 2011

Quizlet Now Offers "Speller" Mode in 18 Languages

From http://www.freetech4teachers.com

The popular online flashcard service Quizlet recently made two big announcements. First, they now offer text-to-speech in eighteen languages. Second, they launched a new study mode that they've name "speller." Speller mode plays words for you that you then have to type correctly into the space provided. If you misspell the word that is read to you, Quizlet will show you your errors.

Read the full review of these changes at http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/07/quizlet-now-offers-speller-mode-in-18.html

Quizlet is available at http://quizlet.com

Read a description of Quizet at http://casls.uoregon.edu/intercom/site/view-article.php?ArticleID=6166

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