July 24, 2011

Article and Response: Supporting English Language Learners

From http://www.educationnews.org/ednews_today/158641.html#comment-4456l

Matthew Lynch: Supporting English Language Learners
July 13, 2011

While a student is learning a functional level of English at school, many other factors play a role outside the classroom. Like most skills, language is not learned in a vacuum. If the student’s parents speak no English, and are not in the process of learning English themselves, there will be little reinforcement at home to support the language learning process. The lack of regular “practice” of the language outside the classroom results in limited opportunities to apply what the student has learned.

Read the full article at http://www.educationnews.org/ednews_today/158641.html#comment-4456l

Scroll down and read the comments, and go to http://everythingesl-everythingesl.blogspot.com/2011/07/matthew-lynch-published-article-today.html to read a response to this article.

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