July 17, 2011

July 2011 NCLRC Language Resource Newsletter

From http://nclrc.org

The July 2011 National Capitol Language Resource Center newsletter is out. The theme this month is “Teacher Shortages and Program Sustainability.” To that end:

Jacqueline Van Houten and Ruta Cout ask “Is Teacher Shortage Really the Issue?”
Janet Nolan shares what Multilingual Chicago is doing to foster heritage languages in her article, “In Our Hands – A National Treasure.”
Rita Oleksak and Kate Krotzer share experiences with a program that strengthens teachers, and therefore programs, in Glastonbury CT.
Aileen Bach provides guidance on how to use “…Assessments to Promote Sustainability in Foreign Language Programs.”
John Ross shares some ideas and advice about the burdgeoning market for foreign language Apps in “Yea, There’s an App for That, but…”
YANA shares bits and pieces of conversations about the state of foreign language study, how we got here, and what might the future be.

Access the newsletter online at http://www.nclrc.org/newsletter.html

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